Steven’s Hope for Children update

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Here is this week’s updates on the families staying in the SHfC apartments.

Esther Park (18yrs):

Esther and mom both had colds this week. Mom is feeling better, Esther is still tired. The MRI showed there is still activity, which is disappointing. Esther may go seek treatment at UCLA medical center. If not, they will continue getting treatment at Loma Linda until August.

Tristian Franco (4 mos):

Mom was sick for a couple days and she couldn’t see Tristian. Today she is feeling better and will finally get to see him after 3 days. Tristian is doing well and is prepping to come home. He will have to come with a breathing machine. Mom has to go through a 4 week training so she can get accustomed to using the ventilator. Tristian should be discharged to the apartments around July 1. Dad got a new job and will be able to visit Tristian more.

Jair Vizcarra (2):

Jair has 11 more chemo treatments left, which is about 2 weeks. After that he will be able to go home. His hair is starting to fall out. Mom took him to Santa Monica to visit the beach and he loved it. His speech is improving. He is weak and walks a little to the let but the doctors say that is normal during chemo.

Charity (15 days old):

Charity is a preemie baby. Mom just moved into the apartments. Charity had to receive a couple blood transfusions this last week because she was very lethargic. She has already had 2 echo cardiograms, and the doctors want to do another. She currently has pneumonia, and needs x rays everyday. Mom says it seems like Charity takes 1 step forward and then 2 steps back. It has been very tough for her.

For more info on Steven’s Hope for Children: Click Help Children

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