Stop stressing over the changes in the Affordable Care Act and leave your Employee Benefits administration to the experts at Ringo Financial & Insurance Solutions, LLC.

18 years in the insurance industry, with the last six years dedicated to educating business owners and insurance agents on the Affordable Care Act, has provided Ringo Financial founder, Johnny Scharnweber, with a unique skill set and firsthand knowledge of the challenges that employers face regarding the implementation of employee benefit plans.

To remain a competent employee benefits consultant in the health insurance industry requires ongoing education in both the delivery system as well as areas of compliance.

Ringo Financial will design a plan that works for your company based on the demographic and health of the employees. Our state of the art online benefits enrollment system provides you and your employees access to all of your benefit options, Summary of Benefits & Coverages and provides proof of delivery of documents required to keep you compliant. This also eliminates a lot of work for your HR department thru out the year when it comes to adding and dropping employees.

Whether you have a 2 employee group with questions about the Small Business Tax Credit or a few hundred employees and want to determine whether or not self-funding is appropriate, Ringo Financial will ensure you have access to every possible solution available in the market place. With over a decade of experience in the Self-Funding [self-insuring] market, Johnny has been able to take self-funding technics to small employers with alternative options that save a tremendous amount of money while improving benefits for the employee.

The Department of Labor states that 90% of employers are out of compliance and they intend to audit 95% of all business in the next 10 years but compliance and reporting are not an issue at Ringo Financial. We have systems in place to protect your company while you focus on running your business instead of stressing over the unknown.