Off Road Enthusiasts Unite

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We are at a critical time in Southern California due to the fact that much of our riding areas could be closed PERMANENTLY if we don’t act now. In the last week I’ve received multiple emails from both Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressman Paul Cook who have been working together to create legislation that will create permanent riding areas [among other things]

You are reading this because you ride off road or know someone who does and know how important our form of recreation is to creating a better society via keeping kids off the streets.

Please act now:

1] Copy the following letter, add your name, address, and any association you are with [District 37, your club, your charity, etc.]

2] Email right now to


Dear Representative Cook,

I am pleased to support your proposed bill, the California Minerals, Off-road Recreation, and Conservation Act. This bill reaffirms our commitment to protecting and managing the resources of our beautiful desert and forest areas in San Bernardino/Inyo/Riverside/Imperial County.

I am concerned with finding a balanced approach to protecting our beautiful desert today and for decades to come while taking care of the economic and recreational needs of our communities. I support your efforts to address the needs of our off-highway vehicle recreation areas, mineral and mining sites, and pristine desert landscapes. I would like to highlight a few points I find most relevant.

Off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation is an integral part of our regional economy generating over $71.5 million annually. The designation of six national OHV recreation areas, protecting over 300,000 acres in San Bernardino County will make this the largest expansion of federally-recognized OHV areas in American history.

Additionally, this bill protects mineral exploration and mining in the Mojave Trails Special Management Area, with important limitations on land donated to the Federal Government for conservation purposes since 1995. Responsible mineral exploration is vital for providing jobs and prosperity for Californians residing in the desert.

Finally, this bill will protect hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine desert landscapes for myself and future generations to enjoy. Whether it is the stunning petroglyphs of Black Lava Butte and Flat Top Mesa, the amazing biodiversity of the San Bernardino Mountains and Desert in Sand to Snow Monument, or the stark beauty of the Mojave desert wilderness, our desert lands are worthy of protection.

I firmly believe that when our lands are not managed effectively, we end up wasting taxpayer money instead of producing tangible benefits. The guiding principle for public land use must be local control. Conserving national treasures is a laudable goal, but should always be done in cooperation with the people who live in close proximity and with those who currently use the land. As a local supporter, I believe this bill is worthy of my support and ensures adequate public process in deciding the future of our public lands.


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