Help Keep OHV Areas Open

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San Bernardino County Supervisors

385 North Arrowhead Avenue

San Bernardino, California 94215


Dear Supervisor Lovingood, Supervisor Rutherford, Supervisor Ramos, Supervisor Hagman, and Supervisor Gonzalez:

We are writing to you to express our strong support for the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act (S.414). There are thousands of miles of off-road trails and six OHV open areas in San Bernardino County. Off-road recreation is one of the fastest growing recreational opportunities in California, and people are traveling from Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, Kern, and San Diego Counties to San Bernardino County for the premier off-roading opportunities the County provides. The King of the Hammers Race alone brought in nearly 60,000 visitors which translates to dollars being spent in local hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and stores. The fact that off-roading is a strong economic generator for San Bernardino County cannot be overlooked. Renewable energy development offers very little for the County in terms of revenue and mining is less than one million dollars. Recreation and tourism contributes over $26 million to San Bernardino County.

The OHV community has seen trails closed, OHV areas lost, and our overall riding opportunities diminished. The California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act ensures that five OHV open areas will receive a Congressional designation and over 1,700 miles of trails will remain open. In fact, we have a net gain of nearly 50 miles of routes with this legislation. We have worked with Senator Feinstein’s office and the conservation groups, and we strongly believe that we have a fair and balanced bill that ensures off-highway recreation will have a place on our public lands.

We strongly encourage you to support the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act.



cc: Senator Dianne Feinstein

Congressman Paul Cook




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