Covered CA Renewal Rates average 4.2 %

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The vast majority of Covered California consumers will see low increases in their health insurance premiums for 2015, and many consumers will see no increase or even a decrease. The statewide weighted average came in at 4.2 percent, with some plans offering weighted average rates that are 8.5 percent lower than current pricing.


The Sacramento (CA) Bee  (7/31) reports that “Covered California tentatively chose 10 health insurers to participate in the exchange and will open enrollment for the second time on Nov. 15.” The piece explains that “under the new plans, 217,000 people will see their premiums remain steady or decrease while about 186,000 people will experience increases of more than 8 percent.” Notably, “beginning next year the exchange also is adding dental care for children as part of its standard benefits as well as making adult dental care available to enrollees.”


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