Tax Strategy for Retirement Planning

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Think Twice About CPA Advice for Tax Strategies Did you know that the IRS tax code is estimated to contain over 80,000 pages? Most CPA’s and tax advisors become experts in the specific areas of tax law that are most … Continued

Steven’s Hope for Children update

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Here is this week’s updates on the families staying in the SHfC apartments. Esther Park (18yrs): Esther and mom both had colds this week. Mom is feeling better, Esther is still tired. The MRI showed there is still activity, which … Continued

Off Road Enthusiasts Unite

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We are at a critical time in Southern California due to the fact that much of our riding areas could be closed PERMANENTLY if we don’t act now. In the last week I’ve received multiple emails from both Senator Diane … Continued

News: Good, Bad and Ugly

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Good INVESTMENT TRACT 21% Return on investment achieved You’ve heard me talking about great investment potential via Fractional Life Shares. I’m happy to report that investors experienced annual returns in excess of 21% with a recent policy maturity. Contact Ringo … Continued

Help Keep OHV Areas Open

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PLEASE SEND THIS LETTER TO SUPPORT OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLE RECREATION Date   San Bernardino County Supervisors 385 North Arrowhead Avenue San Bernardino, California 94215   Dear Supervisor Lovingood, Supervisor Rutherford, Supervisor Ramos, Supervisor Hagman, and Supervisor Gonzalez: We are writing … Continued

Only 4% of Americans got it right

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As a follow up to my warning on Health Insurance Tax Subsidies, I offer the following report: Half Of Those Who Received ACA Subsidies May Have To Repay Government. Kaiser Health News (3/25) reports in continuing coverage that taxpayers this … Continued

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Cyber-Attack

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Anthem received a letter from 10 Attorneys General requesting that they communicate with members as soon as possible and expand the credit monitoring and identity protection services they offer to members impacted by the cyber attack. In response, Anthem on … Continued

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